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Precious Thing

Precious Thing


18 x 5


Wool, seaweed, wood and other materials mounted on driftwood. 


Inspired by the plants and creatures of the Maine coast. 


    Length listed measures the full length of the mounting wood. Height is measured from the lowest to highest point of the largest mounted item(s). 

    PLEASE KNOW THIS ITEM MAY ARRIVE LOOKING JUST A LITTLE DIFFERENT THAN THE PICTURES. I do my best to pack for travel, but these ladies are delicate creatures. Brittle pieces of seaweed or twig may arrive broken. I encourage you to embrace any of these "damages" as delights. Works of art can be living, changing things. 


    Returns accepted. Please return item to address listed on card in shipping package. Buyer pays return shipping. 


    Items ship USPS First Class in 1-3 business days. Buyer can expect to receive the item within 7 days of shipping date. 

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